Kind words and testimonials from our clients.
During our many years of serving fine clients, many have written thank you letters expressing their appreciation for the work well done by the team. We’ve collected a sample of those letters here in the hope you will enjoy reading what others have said about us. Included also are some kind words by several attorneys, with whom we have had the privilege of working, and a newspaper article.

Jack C. Revvill
Jack C. Revvill Attorney
Thank you so much for the help you have given me over the years… The successes I have enjoyed are a direct result of your efforts…You have such a fine sense of how people think and act. I always trust your judgment and discretion in conducting interviews and shaping the direction of our cases.
AG -Israel
We want you to know that the work you did in finding my sister…for us was something we can’t thank you enough for. …the results of your work changed our lives and the lives of those we care about in ways you can’t imagine.
Erin Ormonde
Erin Ormonde Attorney
I’m a criminal defense attorney in Fresno, California and have been since 1997. Before that I was a Deputy District Attorney in the Fresno County office. Stevan Rosenlind, the imagination and heart of Lookout Investigations, is the most professional investigator with whom I have ever worked. When I need results, no matter how delicate or impossible a situation may seem, he never fails to impress me and improve my position. He’s the difference between winning and not.
RC Visalia Surveillance
My special thanks to you and your team for an exceptional job. I was really impressed with the professional manner in which you handled the investigation you conducted for us last weekend. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. Your willingness to spend long hours in excruciating heat, and prior meticulous research brought impressive results. Please accept my gratitude for your extra efforts and for a job well done. Thank you again for going the extra mile.
Jennifer Alton, Raymond Allen
Jennifer Alton, Raymond Allen Attorneys, San Luis Obispo
Since the inception of our law firm Alton Allen in San Luis Obispo, we have used the services of Lookout Investigations, Inc. As criminal defense attorneys, we often need the services of Stevan Rosenlind to interview alleged victims and witnesses, photograph crime scene locations, and/or personally serve subpoenas. We have also used his wife Lori Rosenlind, RN, when we have needed medical records reviewed by an expert in the area of medical records. Stevan and Lori provide exemplary work at affordable rates. They are also incredibly nice people that have always made us feel like we are their only customers. To us, there simply is no better private investigator firm working in the Central Coast.
Richard P Berman
Richard P Berman Attorney
For many years Stevan Rosenlind has been my “go to” investigator. He was always my first choice and I knew I could always rely on him. His investigations were thorough and precise…If Steve was still in Fresno I would still be using him virtually exclusively. I can heartily recommend him without reservation.
Ms Cheryl C. -Texas Missing Person Case
I found Lookout Investigations through an internet search. I am well pleased. Mr. Rosenlind completed the assignment exactly as I requested, in a timely manner and within the budget we set. Based on this experience, I highly recommend this firm and absolutely will use their services again if the need arises.
The Hanford Sentinel
HANFORD – Hanford police made an arrest Monday in connection with a series of burglaries at the Hanford Elementary School District. Police had been working with school officials and private investigator Stevan Rosenlind, who was hired by HESD in April, HESD Director of Facility and Operations Joe Camara said. At that time, the district had suffered a rash of burglaries where more than $50,000 of equipment was stolen. The private investigators identified the burglars after a series of surveillances that videotaped men carrying computers out of classrooms, a teachers lounge and a janitorial closet. The thefts took place in the early morning after school grounds had been vacated and puzzled investigators because there had been no signs of breaking and entering. After the men were video-taped, follow-up interviews led to the subjects being identified, Rosenlind said. The private investigators then provided information to Hanford police that led to the arrest, Det. Pete Moes said. The suspect was arrested at his home in Fresno without incident, with the assistance of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department. “Without Rosenlind’s help,” Moes said, “we wouldn’t have made an arrest so soon.” Additional suspects are still at large.

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Del Pemberton Letter of Recomendation

May 16, 2012 To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to unconditionally recommend Lookout Investigations, and specifically, investigator Stevan Rosenlind. During the first four months of this year, Mr. Rosenlind worked on my family’s behalf to locate a cousin who had been missing and homeless for many years (in the San Luis Obispo area) and to put him in touch with us. Although what we asked of Mr. Rosenlind was much more complicated and involved than simply finding a missing person, he met the challenge. What distinguishes this investigator from others, I believe, are the following traits:

At all times, Mr. Rosenlind was professional in his dealings with us. It was immediately apparent that he took his duties and fiduciary responsibilities seriously, and he made it quite clear in the beginning of our engagement what details we could expect to receive at the conclusion of his investigation. He made frequent e-mail reports to us during the investigation, and the final report is both comprehensive and concise. There were no surprises.

Our contact with Mr. Rosenlind was all by telephone or email because we live in the eastern U.S. Although he had never met us, he trusted us enough to perform some duties in advance of payment.

Mr. Rosenlind took the initiative on many occasions. He suggested effective courses of action that had not occurred to us; he made transportation arrangements for our cousin, was available to him when necessary, and even counseled him at length without being asked.

Mr. Rosenlind was genuinely concerned with the safety and well-being of our cousin. On several occasions after he found him, Mr. Rosenlind went out of his way to keep contact with him. Even after the investigation was completed, Mr. Rosenlind made inquiries with me about our cousin’s welfare.

It has truly been a pleasure to work with Mr. Rosenlind during the course of the investigation. The level of trust that developed between us, and the professionalism and genuine concern displayed by him throughout the four months are uncommon today. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Lookout Investigations for any job.


Del Pemberton

Mrs. B. L. Hanford, California

We thought our granddaughter been taken out of the state, violating a court order … (Lookout Investigations) located her in a (run-down hotel room) within 48 hours. For now, we know she is safe. We can never thank you enough.

Central California Water District Superintendent

Lookout Investigations…solved our problem when even the police couldn’t help us. Your surveillance planning and execution was world class…